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The Nebraska Department of Justice/Office of the Attorney General operates, in many respects, as the "State's law firm".

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning

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The Nebraska Attorney General's Office

The Attorney General is one of six statewide constitutional officers in Nebraska. The duties and authority of the office are derived from the State Constitution, statutory enactments and common law. Generally speaking, the Attorney General is responsible for the representation of the state in all legal matters, both civil and criminal, where the state is named as a party or may have an interest in the outcome of the litigation or dispute.

At any given time, the office has more than 2000 active cases in areas as diverse as prosecution of child abusers and major drug dealers, environmental protection enforcement, tort claims, death penalty appeals, water law, wrongful discharge from employment, eminent domain, state constitutional law, federal constitutional law, consumer protection, automobile accidents, discipline of healthcare professionals, and inmate litigation.

The office also provides legal services and opinions to dozens of state agencies, officials, boards and commissions, including state legislators, constitutional officers and executive agencies.

The Nebraska Department of Justice/Office of the Attorney General operates, in many respects, as the "State's law firm". The office is headed by the Nebraska Attorney General, an independently-elected constitutional officer, and is a diverse organization of highly specialized attorneys and support staff. The Attorney General's Office is the largest law firm in Nebraska outside of Omaha, ranking third largest statewide, currently employing more than 100 attorneys and support staff.


With the assistance of highly competent and efficient staff, Attorney General Bruning has and will continue to strive toward the realization of the following major goals:

  • Uphold and defend the Constitution and laws of the State of Nebraska;
  • Achieve a higher level of public safety and security by promoting vigorous prosecution of murderers, drug dealers, child abusers and other criminals;
  • Promote stronger law enforcement and reform in criminal procedure and criminal law;
  • Provide skilled assistance to local prosecutors in highly technical or complex cases involving murder, illegal drugs and the prosecution of child sexual abuse;
  • Prevent and prosecute consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices, and protect Nebraskans from fraudulent business activities and scams through educational outreach;
  • Uphold and protect the civil rights of all Nebraskans;
  • Defend Nebraska's interests in disputes with other states over irrigation water and stream flows;
  • Protect the public health and safety of Nebraskans by vigorously pursuing disciplinary actions against health care professionals who endanger the public by violations of health regulations or drug laws;
  • Provide professional legal representation in all civil proceedings on behalf of the state;
  • Reduce the time and resources devoted by the state to defending claims by inmates of correctional facilities.