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Fighting for Religious Liberty


February 23, 2012

Bruning Leads 7-state Coalition to File Lawsuit to Protect Religious Freedom

Challenging the Federal Health Care Law


August 21, 2012

EPA Rule Struck Down

July 2, 2012

United States Supreme Court Decision: Federal Health Care Reform

June 28, 2012

AG Bruning Statement on Supreme Court Ruling in Health Care Reform Challenge

April 2, 2012

AG Bruning: LB 799 Strengthens Penalties for Negligent Child Abuse

March 28, 2012

AG Bruning Discusses Final Day of Supreme Court Oral Argument

March 27, 2012

Attorney General Bruning Discusses Second Day of Federal Health Care Reform Supreme Court Oral Argument

Media Links:

Attorney General Bruning’s comments on oral argument on the individual mandate:

U.S. Supreme Court link to audio and transcript of today’s oral argument:

Photos from outside the U.S. Supreme Court:

AG Bruning Outside Supreme Court

AG Bruning Leaving Court - Day 2

AG Bruning Discusses Oral Arguments with NE Senator Mike Johanns

Protests Outside Supreme Court

March 21, 2012

AG Bruning Details States' Arguments in U.S. Supreme Court Challenge to Federal Health Care Law

Hear the podcast series on the States' arguments here.


December 20, 2011

AG Bruning Releases Statement on U.S. Supreme Cout Announcement on Health Care Law Challenge

November 14, 2011

AG Bruning: United States Supreme Court to Review States' Heatlh Care Challenge

October 24, 2011

AG Bruning: States File U.S. Supreme Court Reply Brief in Health Care Act Challenge

October 17, 2011

AG Bruning: States Respons to Federal Request for Judicial Review in Health Care Challenge

September 28, 2011

AG Bruning: States Request Judicial Review from U.S. Supreme Court in Health Care Challenge

August 12, 2011

AG Bruning: 11th Circuit Affirms Federal Health Care Law Individual Mandate is Unconstitutional

June 8, 2011

AG Bruning: Health Care Challenge Heard in 11th Circuit

May 24, 2011

AG Bruning: Briefs Filed in Legal Challenges to Federal Health Care Law

May 4, 2011

AG Bruning: States File Brief in 11th Circuit Challenge of Health Care Law

March 12, 2011

AG Bruning Issues Statement on Order in Health Care Challenge

January 18, 2011

Attorney General Bruning Comments on States’ Motion in Health Care Challenge


December 16, 2010

Attorney General Comments on Health Care Hearing

December 13, 2010

AG Bruning: U.S. District Judge Rules Health Care Law Unconstitutional in Virginia's Challenge

December 6, 2010

AG Bruning: Brief Filed in Support of States' Health Care Challenge

November 24, 2010

AG Bruning: Response to Federal Government Claim on Health Care Reform Challenge

November 5, 2010

AG Bruning: Legal Challenge of Health Care Takeover Advances

September 4, 2010

AG Bruning: Motion to Dismiss Denied in Federal Health Care Law Challenge

August 6, 2010

AG Bruning: Response to Federal Motion to Dismiss Filed in Health Care Lawsuit

March 23, 2010

Attorney General Bruning, Colleagues File Lawsuit Challenging Health Care Law

March 22, 2010

Attorney General Bruning Issues Statement on Health Care Legislation

Official Court Filings


March 13, 2012

Reply Brief for State Petitioners on Severability

Reply Brief for the Respondents (Severability)

March 12, 2012

Reply Brief of State Petitioners on Medicaid

February 27, 2012

Brief for Petitioners (Anti-Injunction Act)

Reply Brief for State Respondents on the Anti-Injunction Act

February 6, 2012

Brief for State Respondents on the Minimum Coverage Provision

Brief for State Respondents on the Anti-Injunction Act

January 27, 2012

Brief for Respondents (Severability)

January 10, 2012

Brief of State Petitioners on Medicaid

Brief for Respondents (Medicaid)

Joint Appendix on Medicaid

January 6, 2012

Brief for Court-Appointed Amicus Curiae Supporting Vacatur (Anti-Injunction Act)

Brief for State Petitioners on Severability

Brief for Private Petitioners on Severability

Brief of the Family Research Council and 27 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives as Amici Curiae in Support of Petitioners and Reversal on the Issue of Severability

Brief of Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America as Amicus Curiae in Support of Reversal as to the Severability Issue

Brief for Petitioners (Minimum Coverage Provision)