Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

The Attorney General protects Nebraskans from fraud and deceptive trade practices, and ensures fair competition between businesses.

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Consumer Protection

The Consumer Protection Division (CPD) protects consumers from fraud and deceptive trade practices and ensures fair competition between businesses. The division enforces laws that protect consumers from false, misleading and dubious sales practices. Mediation service is available to consumers to help them resolve complaints against businesses. This division also provides consumers with the information and education they need to make important decisions.

The division's mission is to protect consumers from fraud. The CPD accomplishes this goal through informational brochures, educational presentations, press releases, consumer columns, bulletins and one-on-one consultations. The CPD has a wealth of information to provide consumers.

Informational Brochures

The Attorney General's Office - This brochure contains information about the work done by the Attorney General's Office in sections as civil litigation, criminal prosecution, legal services and public protection.

Consumer Protection Guide - The best way to fight consumer fraud is to prevent it before it happens. This guide contains the tools to protect yourself against scammers and fraudelent business offers.

Senior Fraud - This brochure provides vital information to Nebraska's senior citizens on protecting themselves from disreputable business practices and scams.

Identity Theft Repair Kit - This kit was designed to aid those who have fallen victim to identity theft and provide information on how to avoid it. It is your first line of defense againt those who wish to gain from your good name.

Charity Fraud - This brochure was designed to help you make an informed decision before donating and provides tips on avoiding fraudulent donation requests.

Internet Safety - This brochure is designed to act as a guide for discussions between parents, teachers and children. The information is meant to challenge young adults to think before they log on.

Do Not Call/Do Not Mail - Tired of receiving telephone and mail solicitations? We have a solution for you.

Nebraska Wise Giving Tips - This brochure contains helpful tips for charities, donors, and tips for fundraising platforms.