About the Office

The Nebraska Department of Justice/Office of the Attorney General operates, in many respects, as the "State's law firm".

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning

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Liquor Control Commission

The Public Protection Bureau represents the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission by providing legal advice and opinions. Additionally, the Bureau prosecutes administrative citations against liquor licensees before the Commission which regulates all liquor retail and wholesale dealers.

If you have a complaint about a liquor licensee, you may contact your local law enforcement office or the Nebraska State Patrol Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement coordinator or the Liquor Control Commission at:

Nebraska State Patrol

1600 Highway 2
Lincoln, NE 68502
Phone: (402) 471-4545

Liquor Control Commission

P.O. Box 95046
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: (402) 471-2571